Creating Value LLC Find Revenue Online

Are you looking for a way to generate more revenue online?

We should talk. Even if you are making zero right now, You could be a few actions away from making more revenue online.

The internet allows you to stay connected with those you know. It also allows you connect with those you don’t know yet. There are tools out there to make your business life easier. I would love to show you how they can impact your company.

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Customers are looking for your business online.

Today every business must use digital marketing in at least three areas.

Correct Information

Make sure your customers find the correct information about your business.

Communication Channel

Make sure you have a way to communicate with your customer.

Call to Action

Make sure you tell your customer to take the best action.

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5 Questions for a Testimonial

Question number one: How did you find out about us. Question number two: Were you skeptical before you bought and why. Question number three: What made you decide to go ahead and buy anyway. Question number four: Exactly what happened as a result of the purchase....

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Where do 1 Billion people hangout

Would you like your business to be listed where 1 Billion people actively go online? You are already listed where people go first and we are listed on that other place too and where customers are talking about you. Love it or hate it Facebook has the users. Make sure...

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That other search engine

What's the other search engine...Bing! Now that you are listed on the search engine, are you listed on that other search engine... Bing? Don't be one of those people that says "who uses Bing?". If you buy a PC, there is a web browser already installed and ready to...

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