What is Facebook Professional Services?

Facebook just launched “Facebook Professional Services”. They aren’t saying much about it.

It is only on Desktop for now.
It is a direct shot at keeping users inside Facebook and not losing them to Yelp or Google listings.

This is not a reason to ignore Yelp & Google Pages.
It is a reason to pay more attention to Facebook reviews and answer messages in a quick time frame.

Take a look at it. Results include:Creating Value LLC Facebook Professional Services

  • Business Image
  • Business Name
  • Facebook review rating
  • short description
  • phone number
  • hours of operation
  • address
  • a review(sometimes)

Facebook Professional Services

The strategy for now is to be a “good Facebook user”

1) Pay for Ads – I put this first because it is what Facebook wants us all to do
2) Fill out your company Facebook page.
3) Push customers to leave reviews
4) Respond to Good and bad reviews
5) Respond to messages sent via your business page
6) Post video
7) Post content that gets engagement from users
8) Embrace what ever new thing Facebook puts out there

Facebook knows a tremendous amount of information on the user. Facebook doesn’t have to rely on keywords and web traffic like Google/Bing to know the best match for each person.
Facebook is plugging all the traffic leaks. They started hosting video to keep people from leaving FB for YouTube. Now they want to keep Yelp and review site traffic on Facebook.

Let me know what questions you have.