Scott is delightful! He helped me setup Google My Business to attract more clients and help my clients contact me with ease. I had no idea where to begin and Scott helped me narrow the options and choose the best plan for my business. Thank you, Scott!!
#Scott Finney really helped me better market my business through SEO. Scott explained the concept of seo and meta descriptions clearly to me, a real technology newbie. He was able to cater his talk to fit the various needs of each participant. I look forward to attending his future sessions and learning more each week.
Scott always does an excellent job of sharing SEO, and online presence, and online marketing information to entrepreneurs in layman’s terms. His workshops are very easy to follow and lead you towards better a more cohesive online presence. Thanks Scott!
I’ve consulted with Drop the Strap. Great company, great service, great info. People tell me it’s easy to distinguish who’s a reliable, go-to source of information in the SEO industry based on how much research and experimentation they do. Scott is one of these guys who is focused on seeing what drives rankings and providing that valuable info to his clients. I’ll be checking in with him regularly, without a doubt.